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Dear Ella (year four)

Dear Ella,
This past year I witnessed an incredible transformation in your speech, understanding, memory, imagination, and emotions. You turned from toddler into young girl right before our eyes.
Your capacity to care for your younger sister warms my heart. As your relationship with Clara blooms - I see the kind of partnership you two can develop. My prayer is that you always remember that your sister can be your greatest ally. I hope you continue to see her as your best friend.
As you completed your first year of preschool - your progress made us proud. Your teacher spoke of your demeanor and grace. We beamed at every parent teacher conference with pride for the little girl you are becoming.
Your bravery has grown - making more friends and taking strides to be less timid and more confident.
You are kind, sweet, generous, compassionate, strong, assertive, silly, and fun.
You love to sing, dance, perform, and use your imagination.
When I think about the coming years, I feel anxious to know th…

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