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Go to VeniceGo to a game at Fenway ParkVisit the grand canyonGo sky divingGo to Disney WorldVisit Harry Potter WorldTake the girls on a tropical vacationVisit family in San FranciscoFor many years I have kept a mental bucket list of experiences I would like to have in my lifetime. On the very top of that list, ever since I can remember has been to Visit Venice
When I was single I had envisioned it being my honeymoon destination. But, six years ago when my then fiancé and I were pricing out a post-wedding location, Italy was not in the budget.
Maybe for an anniversary trip... we said.
Around our first wedding anniversary I decided to make a tangible plan. No more wishing and hoping - I sat down and thought out all the details and what specific actions we needed to take to make it a reality. I did a cost estimate and figured out how much extra we would need to save each month and put it in it's own special "Italy" savings account. The plan was set. We were going to take the…

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