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Caramels for Kate

As the news trickled in I couldn't believe it. A three year old with cancer. A parent's worst fear. 
And this wasn't happening to some family I didn't know - this was happening to my friend. My friend whom I have known since taking ballet class together as small children. Who braided my hair at summer camp. Who I supported as her mother's body gave into the weight of cancer. Who I saw overcome heartache and marry the love of her life. Who got pregnant and had babies side by side with me. Who I don't see often enough anymore. 
My friend. Her daughter close in age to my very own. I didn't know what to do. 

I sent a note, I made a donation... I "heart" her posts on Facebook. All of it felt so little for how I wanted to show up in this season. 
And then my sweet husband came up with an amazing idea. He asked if I would be willing to open up our seasonal caramel business as a fundraiser for the Waples. 
That was the easiest "yes" since accepting h…

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