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Remember Us by Blake & Beckner

Do you have dreams about doing some pretty scary stuff? Quitting the job you hate – taking that dance class you have been eyeing – leaving your phone number for that cute guy in yoga class – taking the yoga class… I could go on. But you know what I am talking about – the thing you daydream about hoping that one day you will get the courage to actually do something about that pit in your stomach?
Well, that is exactly what the writing team of Blake and Beckner did. They chased their dream, and wrote “Remember Us.” It’s a humorous & poignant story about family - explores love, loss, & the unexpected beauty of forgiveness where "Parenthood" meets "This is Us" with a side of "Arrested Development" dysfunction.

And they need your help to get to the next phase of their dream: publication. Click HERE to pre-order your copy of the book. I promise you won’t regret it.
I have known the “Blake” from Blake & Beckner since high school. I have always seen her…

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