Transition from a Rant to a Life Lesson: A Mother's Day Blog

I began drafting Mother’s Day blog which included sentimental musings about what it means to be a mother. It was filled with embellishments all about the great calling of being a mother. It was really quite lovely.

And then I re-read what I wrote and hit delete.

Yes, motherhood is a “greater calling to raise the next generation of world changers.” But the season I am in right now is full of sleepless nights, potty training, teething, and temper tantrums.

Motherhood is sprinkled with its magical moments. But, 80% of the time I am trying to remind myself that I love these small life-suckers. I love them so much… it hurts. Cover the bathroom with splashed bath water, crawl into my bed and kick me, spill all the food kind of hurt.

Right now motherhood is more exhausting than enchanting.

And yet when I think about the 20% of the time when they are being sweet, I can write about the sugary parts of the journey, the moments and lessons that come with being their mother. The loving embraces that can erase momentary sadness. Kisses with the power to sooth the pain. Character voices that bring the words on the page to life and ignite a spark of imagination. Spontaneous adventures that lead to a belly full of ice cream.

But, I must remind you that the moments which litter social media are just that, moments. Bookending the evening story time is negotiating with a toddler to put on her pajamas and answering the whining for a drink of water as she procrastinates sleep.

Rant… over


I find myself moaning and complaining about the hardships of motherhood – when I am hit with a reminder that I am one of the lucky ones. What are my hardest days are the deepest desires for those unable to have their own children, or for women whose children have grown.

It seems as we are always looking outside of our present situations over the fence to a life we long for. One that seems better than the one we are living. It is as if none of us knows how to be present and grateful for our place in the journey of life.

And then I come back to my intention for this year - #bepresent.

Be present to the lessons the children are learning when you have to punish them.

Be present to the messes they leave, for you will one day long for the energy and chaos.

Be present when they actually want you to stick around instead of push you away.

Be present when they are living in your home and you know they are safe.

Be present to the fact that they are.

Be present.

Be grateful.

Give yourself a little grace.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women in the world who are nurturers to something beside themselves. May we remember to Be Present to our place in the journey. Take a minute to look around and be grateful for it all. 


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