About Christi

My name is Christi Leupold and this is Leupold Confidential, a life blog. The idea of this blog stemmed from a guest blog my boss asked me to write for my law firm’s blog about being a new mother. As a new working mother, I craved an outlet for my creativity. I find that writing my blog allows me to be creative, but it also provides a place to vent and share my thoughts - like a public journal. My goal is to be as honest and genuine as I can with universal subject matter. 

I am a working mother to two small girls, with a devoted and supportive husband. I am the Firm Administrator at Koenig|Dunne (law firm). I dabble in digital visual design work, freelancing the design of invitations and other self-print products. 

My free time is spent reading books for my book club, training for the next race, and eating fabulous foods!


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