Taking A Break

Would it be OK for you to give yourself a break from some of the responsibilities that you have assigned to yourself? 

I have been struggling with this very concept for quite a few months now. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may have noticed that I haven't posted a new post in over a month. Many factors have got into this and I have beat myself up over it too many times. I am now giving to myself permission to take a break. I am going to write when it is convenient and when I am inspired and to not write something because I have not written in a while.

My last entry was about my postpartum depression, which is just one of the factors going into this decision. But, there are others. Many small reasons that add up to take a look anew at my priorities. 

I have been de-cluttering my life little by little. First, it was my pile of shoes. Then it was my t-shirt drawer. And later, my collection of dresses and skirts - and my office - and the list goes on... 

My blog is a part of this process. I need to invest my time in less things. My priorities have shifted and if I want to continue to be present to the most important people in my life - that means paring down in other areas. 

I will still write from time to time.  But I am giving myself permission to take a break. 


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