Dear Clara (Year One)

Dear Clara,

A year ago I was nervous and excited about adding a new addition to our family. We had started to find a groove with parenting and Ella was becoming more independent by the day. We were not quite sure what to expect with a new baby joining the mix.

And then you came – without fanfare – 11 minutes and out you came changing our world forever. Right away I knew you were the perfect final addition to our family. You settled in like you had been there all along. My sweet, precocious, Clara Posey.

Life with you is never boring. I have loved getting to know your unique personality. Much different that your sister – but I am certain you two will balance each other well. At this time in our lives, the two of you play well and bicker just as much as you find your sister balance. What is undeniable is how much you love Ella. Maybe too much affection for her liking at times… but nevertheless – love.

One thing that I know will serve you well in life is that you care very little about what others think and proceed doing things the way you see fit. While frustrating as your mother – I envy this ability. I want to foster this innate ability of yours so that you are able to keep this as you grow and learn.

I love your curiosity. One of my favorite activities is to set you down and watch you explore the world around you. You are fearless.

You have a healthy appetite for life… and food. I am in love with your baby rolls and chubby cheeks. I will certainly miss them as they thin out and you grow.

I am so happy that you joined our family. There is none like you. Our family would never be the same without you.

I love you sweet girl. Happy Birthday!


Mama (a/k/a Milk Machine)


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