Grateful for Us

It has been a while since I have written, so I decided I would open up a new post and just start writing - see what flows from my fingers as they hover over the keyboard.

My youngest, Clara, is currently napping and my husband took our oldest, Ella, to the grocery store. It is Sunday afternoon and I am in the house alone... kind of.

Lately when I see someone and they ask the obligatory, "What's going on with you?" I am not sure what to say. I fear they may think I am appeasing them when I say, "not much." Because, nothing monumental or earth shattering is happening in my world.

Other than raising two extraordinary humans, falling in love with my husband more and more for giving me our sweet family. I am choosing to truly be present. Enjoy these precious moments of being a family of four. Clara is discovering the world around her and expanding her vocabulary by the minute. Ella is flourishing as a big sister and is a sponge for information. I love being their mom and watching Aaron be their dad. We are all in love with our family - cherishing all our time with just the four of us.

We have hit a rhythm in life - work, school, church, social life - all centered around the family. My old instincts would tell me to wait in worry for the other foot to drop. But not these days. Every once and a while a flash of "worst case scenario" will run across my mind - but for the most part I feel grateful.

Grateful for our health.
Grateful for our jobs.
Grateful for our house.
Grateful for our community.
Grateful for each other.

There is as much a chance that something bad can happen to me as the next guy - but I don't want to be so focused on that and miss the time we have right now. This moment. This moment that is perfect and I never want to forget.

I want to swing with my daughter and feel the wind in our hair. I want to dance with abandon in our living room. I want to fall into a pile of tickles and giggles. I want to kiss the booboos better. I want to cuddle while ignoring the pile of laundry.

This is what life is about these days and I refuse to miss it.


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