Longing for Fall

Every morning I gaze longingly at the stack of sweaters in my closet. I want to hide my post-baby body behind the bulky and comfy fabric. I long for an excuse to bundle in layers of sweaters and scarves. I want to give my peep-toed wedges a rest and bust out the ankle boots.

I love fall. Always have. The crisp air, hoodies, apple picking, Husker football - there is so much I appreciate about this transitional season. I even got married on a perfect Friday in October. Just enough warmth in the air for outdoor photos and a mix of sunshine and rain – at just the right moments.

And then I think about my oldest entering her second year of preschool and I want time to stop. I don’t want summer to end. This summer has been quite magical with the girls. Exploring, swimming, late nights. I want to freeze this bliss.

And they start fighting and screaming  and I crave the routine that comes with the falling leaves and football cheers.

This time of year tends to come hand and hand with routine and systems = two of my absolute favorite things. Although it has been over a decade since I have experienced the youthful freedom of a “summer break,” I still relish the shift in energy this time of year.  I start to look at the goals set for the year and notice the few months I have left to accomplish them. I know that the holidays will sneak up on me and take the changing leaves as a cue to start planning.

Hopefully this means that I will be back to regular blogging, but only time will tell. After all, it is Nebraska. This week the temperature dips – and then next week we have a heat wave. You never know what you’re going to get!


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