Dear Clara (Year Two)

Dear Clara, 

Two years. Two years? I am trying to think back to a time before you joined our family, but it is hard to remember what it was like. You have made a deep impression on all of us. Life would not be the same without you. 

I love the expressions you make with your sweet (less chubby by the day) face. The way it betrays your inner thoughts, and gives a glimpse of your budding personality. Sass for days. Your personality is unique, so much so that it seems like I am always a few steps behind your mischievous plans. And the trouble you get yourself into provides a glimpse of your wit and intelligence. You are so smart and are quick to catch on to new things. I still can't believe you can already count to 10! 

I envy your ability to go with the flow. You adjust quickly to new situations and people - opening your heart up to people you never met before. You make it easy for people to fall in love with you. 

I hope you never lose your innocent curiosity for life, your "I don't give a s*$!" attitude, and your confidence in who you care. Keep that big, accepting heart open to those around you who need it. 

I love you so much, my sweet Clara Posey. The world is yours for the taking. 

- Mama
(I love you the most)


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