Dear Ella (Year Five)

Dear Ella,

I can hardly believe we are celebrating 5 years with you in our lives. On one hand, the time has gone so quickly and I still see you as the tiny little baby with pudgy legs and a soft coo. On the other: I cannot imagine my life without you.

Every day I see more and more of my personality traits shine through as you learn to navigate this world with more independence. You are stubborn, which I know you will mold into skills that are much less annoying and frustrating than when you refuse to go to bed for the fifteenth time. You are creative: I see this in your spontaneous song writing and intense concentration when creating art. You are curious: which I know will serve you well – but you are really throwing me some doosies lately. I do not have all the answers to satisfy you, but you are teaching me to be flexible and curious all over again.

You also have handled some tough life circumstances – and I see your bravery grow when you make the choice that you will be ok. Your curiosity has led to deeper conversations than I ever anticipated. It is a stark reminder that you are growing up and I want you to be equipped with the tools to make wise decisions and show up with kindness and compassion.

But, I want you to remember that you are still a little girl who can be silly and have fun. Keep twirling and dancing – never lose that. Keeping singing like no one is watching: the world will be awed by your talent and determination. Stay curious – you can never stop learning from those around you – and about those you are different from you.

Above all else: be kind.

I love you to the moon!



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