I love a good reason to dress up and play pretend!  I secretly can't wait until Ella is old enough to understand what that means. 

This year I worked hard on two costumes.. one with my work family and one with my family of three. 


Our office did "Orange is the New Black" this year. After a successful group costume last year, we wanted to go in on it all together again. I decided to dress up like Morello. After a little research, I chose a specific scene where she puts on another woman's veil (she has a little bit of a mental breakdown). I was really pleased with how it came out. It is all about the details - hair, makeup, accessories, and attitude. 

Our family costume was born out of convenience. I wanted to re-use the Man in the Yellow Hat costume we purchased for Ella's first birthday party so we bought a Curious George outfit for Ella and then I had to come up with a Dr. Wiseman costume. Dr. Wiseman is the man's and George's friend who basically does everything and works at the local museum, so I had to purchase a lab coat. This was also fun to put together and again, is was all about the details. Curled bangs, glasses and a borrowed blue collared shirt from my husband completed the look. 

We had a fun time this year, I hope you did with your family as well!


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