Say It.

I have a history of making friends of perfect strangers - while waiting in line, with my waiter, a stranger in a grocery store - for some reason, my introvert side slips away and I can strike up a conversation with anyone. But, my shyness would creep back up when it came to adding a compliment to the equation.

The thoughts will come to me: 

She is so beautiful. 
That was so kind of him. 
I love their style. 

But I internalize the thought. I would let the moment pass and the compliment left unspoken. 

I don't know when the turning point was for me exactly. But one day I decided to put myself out there and give voice to my admiration. 

And it was a rush. 

A jolt of adrenaline.

As I spoke - I saw my words bring joy. I saw faces light up - and even well up with tears. The words mattered.

What would it be like to live in a world where we weren't afraid to give the compliment? To show kindness to strangers?

As I was sharing these thoughts with a friend, she shared a valid observation, "The other day, I thought this man was really handsome and I was nervous to say anything because I didn't want him to think I was hitting on him." I thought and responded, "If it comes from a genuine place, it will come across as genuine." I wasn't; sure if this was true - but I have to believe that genuine compliments are possible without threat of misinterpretation. 

My challenge: the next time you think a compliment about someone - anyone - SAY IT. 

Let the words have meaning. I guarantee you will not be sorry - and neither will the recipient.


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